Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thing 23

So, I found out I'm not going to be in to social sites. I did think that some of the sites might be interesting once I am retired and have more time. I especially like the library list and the netlibrary idea. But then I like books. I think Wikis could be useful at work and the online word processing could save a lot of time for us as we move documents around to work on them. del.icio.us could also be useful to us. RSS feeds would be helpful if I spent more time looking for work related sites to pull information from.
I definitely was technically challenged in some areas so it was stimulating to try to figure out new stuff. I always did it at home rather than at work so I would not feel to rushed to get through some things. I did find myself only reviewing quickly things that I thought were not useful to me and spending more time on other areas that I thought I would use. I will still have to go back and review how to use some of those though.
Some of the directions given were not as clear as I needed them to be. Many of us discussed things among ourselves so we could figure them out. For people who are not technically skilled some of the steps were hard to follow.
I think I would take another discovery trip if other things were offered. I would want them to be more closely related to my work. But I have to admit I have a little more understanding of what our students are doing online. It was definitely worth the time spent to learn new things!

Thing 22

I didn't locate titles to download since some of the ones I saw were really old. But the Netlibrary idea is someting I would liek to pursue if I get a current library card. That would be a great way to get books without having to go downtown.

Thing 21

I was able to search the directories and find things I wanted to look at but I was unable to get any of them to play.

Thing 20

Searching YouTube was easy. I was able to put the Crisfield sunset on my blog. Found some video of CHS burned down in 71. Also found the video of CHS lunches. Kids have a lot of technical skill! Would be great to put some video up that we could use instructionally or search for some things that could be used.

Crisfield Sunset

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thing 19

I looked at some fun sites and I noticed that several of the things we have been learning were listed in the top three for the category. Good list to keep around for some of the things I may need from time to time.

Thing 18

Now this is something we can all use. It will be more convenient to work in one of these formats than to email stuff back and forth or carry a stick around. I created a document easily and posted it to my blog easily. Other formats may be as easy to use: spreadsheets, calendars, etc. We should have a CO project as a test.